Introducing the 2019 Data Heroes – EMEA!

The Data Heroes initiative is one of the ways that we recognize customers who achieve outstanding results with Cloudera technologies . The Data Visionary, Data Scientist, Data Architect, and HCC Community Champion awards are given out to organizations transforming their businesses through Big Data.

Data Heroes design modern data architectures that work across hybrid and multi-cloud, and solve complex data management and analytic use cases that span from the Edge to AI. 

Who are the Data Heroes?

A Data Visionary: Organizations who show tangible business outcomes, such as new revenue streams or improvements to customer satisfaction, and turn that vision into reality

A Data Scientist: Organizations who show how they improved analytics, delivered new actionable intelligence, or designed systems for distributed deep learning and artificial intelligence to the organization’s business and customers

A Data Architect: Organizations who show how they optimized their modern data architecture, and creatively integrated platforms into their organization’s infrastructure

An HCC Community Champion: Organization who contributed in an extraordinary way to the community, sharing expertise and best practices, and helping other customers be successful
Introducing the Nominees

Data Visionary Nominees:

First National Bank – Uses HDP and HDF to drive innovation and a digital strategy, enabling better customer centricity and services. The company is leading the way in banking trends worldwide.

WINNER! – KPN – Uses HDP and HDF to ingest fiber, mobile, and router data to improve the customer experience.

T-Mobile Austria – Utilizing HDP, Hive, and Spark to analyze billions of network events, which provide insights to improve the customer experience as fast as possible.

Data Scientist Nominees:

Babylon Health – Utilizing HDP and HDF for analytics on diagnostics, usage of e-health apps, with feedback into their AI platform to create a decision support system for doctors.

Tesco – Utilizing HDP and HDF to innovate, drive improvement, and increase efficiency for disaster recovery. The company has enabled access to business-critical reports driving improvements across the store and supply chain network.

WINNER! – T-Mobile Austria – Uses HDP to improve on both the network footprint and quality, ranking them first in the Connect Test by P3 Communications.

Data Architect Nominees:

WINNER! – Credit Agricole – Uses HDP to maintain compliance regulations and a consistent overview of data across different regions, systems, and infrastructures. The company provide a scalable transaction platform to expand across cash management businesses.

Centrica – Uses HDP and HDF to reshape how datasets are analyzed, to gain valuable insights, which pave the way for new products and services. They have an unprecedented level of insights into energy consumption via smart metering and billing.

Mr Price – Uses HDP for business efficiency, creating a market differentiator with the use of analytics. The company utilizes data to obtain the right supplies at the right place, time, sizes and quantities being predicted, which enables a true 360-degree view of the customer.

HCC Community Champion

WINNER! – Orange – Uses the HDP platform to increase its network while collecting mobile data to improve the customer experience.

KPN – Uses HDP and HDF for ingesting fiber, mobile and router data to improve the customer experience.

ING – Utilizing HDP and HDF for machine learning models to make relevant engagements with customers.

Thank you to all the finalists for their outstanding leadership and innovation across all industries and congratulations to the winners of each category!