Cheap ERP What is the best ERP for SMEs?

When integrating an ERP, you must consider many aspects, such as the needs of your company, all key information to find the best ERP, you should also know about the operation of an ERP, types, implementation, etc. but above all prices. A cheap ERP can be just as efficient as a paid one, even more suitable.

Who is this ERP guide for?

This guide is designed for those SMEs, especially the smaller ones, who want to get the most economical and functional ERP programs in order to find the solutions they need to manage their customers and improve their productivity and efficiency. Aiming for ERP Baratos may be the solution you are looking for.

What is it for?

This is a very practical guide that summarizes in a straightforward way which are the most advisable cheap ERPs in the market. Thanks to this guide you will save many hours searching for information and minimize the risk of finding other ERPs that are less efficient and convenient for your business. It will show examples of ERP for large and medium-sized companies and ERP for micro companies that are economical and of high quality. Deciding which is the best ERP for SMEs will be your decision.

Why use cheap ERP systems?

Cheap ERP systems can be a great qualitative leap for small companies that do not have a large budget, but do need a management software that can successfully integrate different areas of your business in order to improve productivity, customer service, business accounting, etc.. In this article we will show you the cheapest ERP for SMEs that are easy to use.

How does an ERP system work?

A system of this type helps a lot to manage a company in a better way. In this case, it contributes with the control of all the areas that a company may have. The operation of an ERP starts by centralizing all the data that an organization has, in a more detailed way for each user.

In the same way, it is in charge of dividing the existing areas of a business with the tasks that may exist and automating them. In addition, having these programs on your computer provides security to your data.

Do I need it?

If you have a small business and you want to achieve the goals you have set for yourself in an affordable way, having an ERP management software will undoubtedly benefit you. You should implement in your business an ERP system for SMEs that helps to integrate the different aspects of your company in a coordinated way, in order to achieve maximum synergy and control of all aspects related to your economic and business activity. ERP programs have lower implementation costs for small businesses.

How much does ERP cost?

The price of ERP will depend on many factors, such as the number of employees in a company and the needs of each company. For example, in the range of 0 to 600 euros are the most economical ERP and that are for small companies that decide to have this support for the first time. Among the most expensive ERP are those from 20,000 to 100,000 euros and are for companies that are sure to implement this tool, in addition there must always be maintenance. There are ERP tools of different prices and qualities, so choose the one with the best cost for you.

How to choose the best ERP?

To answer this question we must take into account a lot of factors, such as its quality, the functionalities it offers, the possibility of improvement, its integration, its scalability, and the complementary services offered by open source ERP, to know which type of ERP is the best.

For example, you may be looking for the best cloud ERP or perhaps the cheapest ERP for e-commerce. Choosing the best ERP software will depend on what you are looking for your company. So that you can get a better picture of which one best suits your needs, in this article we will go through the best cheap ERP systems, so that you have a clearer picture of everything you need at an affordable price.

Now that you know a little more about these programs, perhaps you are already interested in acquiring one to optimize your company's performance. The first step is to identify what your main needs are to find the best one and choose an ERP correctly. It must be easy and understandable to use is a fundamental aspect, so that all the members of your team can use it without any problem. The capacity of this ERP is also important, as well as the type of configuration it has and the fact that it can be used in a portable way or not, among others, are the factors that should be taken into account when purchasing one.

ERP in the cloud

It may happen that you are constantly using this type of tools and you do not always have a fixed computer to use to manage a company and its work. For these issues there are the ERP in the cloud, where without installing any file you can enter online to these programs.

This is a very good and very flexible alternative for small and medium-sized companies, and it also saves a lot of money because installing an ERP usually has a very high cost, something that many organizations cannot afford.

In the same way, there are benefits of having this type of tools, such as the above mentioned of a clear decrease in expenses and an increase in productivity. This helps the employees of an organization and future employees as well, as they are more easily integrated into the organization's processes.

Can I migrate from ERP?

Of course you can change ERP tool, especially if you want to update many new ways of managing processes, in this case of the company. If you normally controlled everything in a more classic way and not with the latest tools, this is a great option. In addition, migrating from ERP has great advantages such as saving considerable time, increasing the security of the team, improving information management, saves the use of several solutions in the team because with an ERP you can perform many tasks at once.

Some examples of cheap ERP systems

Enterprise Resource Planning, better known by the acronym ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), is usually focused on making the integration of the systems used by companies easier, being able to ensure that it is easier to establish good communication between the different parts in order to improve the efficiency and productivity of the company. The implementation of an ERP system can have a flexible economic valuation, it allows to improve different actions or financial management of a company, from sales, e-commerce, customer service, production, e-commerce, planning, etc. In other words, implementing a cheap ERP can bring you economic benefits.

In the market there are ERP's that are distributed under opensource licenses, which have begun to make a very important niche in the market for business software because they work in them entrepreneurs and developers with enough experience, offering great flexibility and the ability to implement them having to make a much smaller investment.

In this article we will present some examples of integrated business management programs for you to know which are the most relevant ERP systems today.

Odoo's main goal is to be an ERP software that allows our business to be better organized and more productive by making tasks easier to organize. It makes the traceability of processes much easier, facilitating the management of the company and modernizing it at the same time.

To achieve its goal, Odoo has integrated a large number of functions that serve to manage projects, accounting, manufacturing, financial management, invoicing, human resources, e-commerce, among other services or functions that are very important for any business today.

In fact, just the basic package offered by Odoo is usually more than enough for most small businesses or SMEs, plus you can add some basic modules that are perfect for when the project starts to grow.

It is a quite professional and powerful economic erp that will integrate the different processes of the company, allowing you to keep proper control over almost everything that is happening in the business or in the company.

Dolibarr is a free ERP and CRM that can be used for business management, being focused on freelancers, SMEs and associations.

It is an application that is constantly evolving and has a very clean and intuitive interface. Undoubtedly, it is an excellent option that can be adjusted to your needs.

Sage 200cloud is very fundamental and serves to achieve continuous growth in companies and organizations, in addition, it provides tools that provide benefits for a more organized and accurate information.

As for decision making, this is an important issue, since a bad decision can mean a business disaster. In the opposite case, what will happen if that decision is right, everything will be successful and we will always have correct and organized information at all times, which benefits the company. For this reason an ERP like Sage 200cloud is essential.

Undoubtedly this ERP is designed for all those who are dedicated to the management of companies, whether small or large. It is a business management tool and covers all areas of the company, it is also able to adapt to a multitude of companies facilitating administrative, financial and other processes. It is very convenient to have this software in your company.

ERP software is a great tool for companies to be more agile, productive and competitive. It stands out for its flexibility and ability to adapt to the most specific and particular needs that a company may have. This tool offers a wide and powerful standard functionality in all areas of the business, being one of the most outstanding pillars its high customization capacity tolerating version changes. In addition, it has business bots that automate and simplify business processes, thus constantly helping companies to have a good development and achieve a great degree of productivity.

It is a great solution that you can choose because it integrates all business areas in order to gain productivity and competitiveness. a3erp not only gives you a global vision of all production and administrative processes, so that you can control them in a better way, but also helps your company to optimize resources, simplifies processes and contributes to decision making.

In addition, the company of this software has many years of experience where it always provides good solutions for the management and administration of SMEs and a3ERP is no exception. It controls all the management areas of your company: management, commercial, purchasing, logistics, production and financial.

ERP for Mac

ERP systems for Mac have everything you need for the complete management of a company, you just have to identify the ones that best suit your needs. While there are fewer erp software options for Mac computers, there are powerful alternatives that you should consider. Mac erp systems can be expensive or inexpensive depending on their capabilities. Among the list of the best erp systems for mac you will find some examples of commercial erp systems such as Light Speed, SIG SMB, AbanQ, Opentaps and Xtuple ERP. If you have a medium-sized company, SIG PYME may be the ideal program for you. This software has functionalities for employee time and attendance, real-time warehouse control, human resources management, etc.

ERP for mechanical workshops

There are many companies that are dedicated to the care and repair of vehicles on a daily basis, it is a very well known market in the cities, but many times they are not managed in the best way. These ERP tools are used to keep track of the repairs that are made to these vehicles and to see if they are being carried out correctly.


WebERP is a comprehensive cloud-based erp software. This erp program is open source and has features for accounting and business management. The software is aimed primarily at manufacturing, distribution and wholesale companies. To use this erp you only need to have a web browser as you can download it for free. WebERP has functionalities that you can add according to your needs. The program has tools for sales and order management, tax calculation, inventory control, invoice entry, balance sheets and profit and loss statements, etc.


Openbravo is an open source ERP solution that has the main feature of being cloud-based. That said, you should keep in mind that it is not a free ERP, but its price depends on the use you make of it. This software would be among the most economical ERP systems. So it is likely that you can find a payment plan that fits your needs, being able to save some money by avoiding paying for a bigger and more expensive package that you won't really get the most out of.

Being a mid-range ERP solution, this program has an omnichannel proposition that can fit any business scenario, such as multi-brand, mono retail, franchised, owned or even international businesses.

One of the best features of Openbravo is that it has different packages for modules and ERP packages, being able to integrate to warehouse or purchase management, as well as services, being able to have advanced customer management, economic-financial management, accounting, etc.

The truth is that it is a fairly complete online ERP that has an opensourse license, so it is usually an excellent choice.


ADempiere is an opensource software package that combines support for CRM, ERP and SCM. Among its main features we can highlight the fact that it has support for touch screen devices, e-commerce, centralization of access authentication, different retail points of sale (POS), supply chain, production and financial management, contact and opportunity management, etc., and even has integrated Voip telephony gateway, such as CRM and ERP.


When we talk about ERP5 we are talking about an excellent open source ERP solution that is completely free and that is completely specialized in companies and public administrations.

It is another example of excellent ERP, with this program you can perfectly cover the functions of management, accounting, customer relations, inventory, warehousing, commerce, billing, shipping, RG, product design, etc. and the truth is that it is a very complete solution.

VIENNA Advantage Community Edition

This is an ERP that was developed in Germany and is distributed through different versions or editions, having some that are better suited to the needs of small businesses and others that are better suited to large companies.

It has very good options in terms of enterprise edition, professional edition (EPR and CRM) and community edition (which is part of the free edition).

The main goal of VIENNA is to improve the business management of technical companies, developers and micro-enterprises.

Metafresh ERP Community Edition

Metafresh is an open source ERP solution with several premium versions, but it also has a free version that can be adjusted to the needs of SMEs.

The program is based on the aforementioned ADempiere, but this one has been developed with a more commercial vision in mind and in order to meet the needs of companies or customers that perform wholesale trade. It is an inexpensive open source software that you can customize according to your needs. It is possible to access your information from anywhere you are, this program works on mobile devices.


ERPNext is a fairly simple opensource program that has been created to take full advantage of SMEs. One detail that you should keep in mind is that it is a solution that has been developed by the company Frappé Technologies of Mumbai, India, so for the moment it is not yet ready to meet the needs of businesses in Spain or Latin America.

This is due to the needs of adaptation of legislations in terms of financial and accounting matters. It is a good option and offers some interesting functionalities, but before trying to implement it, find out if it meets your needs.


When we talk about Compiere we are talking about an open source ERP system that has been one of the pioneers in this sense. Currently this system is distributed as a cloud-based system, the online ERP software integrates very interesting functionalities in terms of management, procurement, accounting and inventory storage. This program will help you in commercial management with its functionalities for order management and invoicing. In addition, Compiere ERP has the ability to perform operations in other languages and currencies. It is a software prepared for the international economy.


An inexpensive erp system formerly known as OpenMFG, xTuple is an open source system that offers different solutions, including customer management, sales, CRM, inventories, products, planning, production, etc. This ERP is mainly aimed at manufacturing and distribution companies. It is a flexible and scalable software that can be adapted to the needs of your business. This software is capable of integrating with other platforms such as Shopify, WooCommerce, QuickBooks, Amazon, TimeTrex, Mautic and many more.

Apache OFBiz

We'll finish this list by talking about Apache OFBiz, a business process automation system that has several functions or blocks that make it a flexible enough option to adapt to a large number of businesses. This program is free, you just have to download it to try its functionalities. The software has accounting, CRM, warehousing and manufacturing modules. In addition, this erp has the advantage of being customizable and secure.