The 12 best ERP solutions for your business

Adding an enterprise resource planning program to a business operation is essential to optimize processes. In the following list you will find the 12 best ERPs on the market so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

The best ERP in the market

1. SAP

SAP is one of the world's best ERP systems for both large and midsize companies. It offers solutions to streamline data processing and information flow between departments and organizations.

SAP has a "continuous innovation" approach, helping companies to grow without limits or, at least, without the limitations of an ERP system. This is due to its module integration system.

We are not going to go too deep into this ERP, as we have an article with all the information you need to understand what SAP is and why this system is chosen over others.

2. Sage

Sage is a British multinational company dedicated to offering highly advanced ERP solutions. Along with SAP and Oracle, it is one of the most popular choices for enterprise resource planning and management.

Some of Sage's competitive advantages are its usability, its level of customization (according to size, sector or type of need), its short implementation time or its automatic backups that reduce the cost of data storage.

3. NetSuite (from Oracle)

Netsuite was one of the pioneers in the cloud computing revolution, being the first SaaS company in the world. Today NetSuite belongs to Oracle and offers one of the best ERP systems for omnichannel companies in existence.

Modules can be added to Netsuite to extend its functionalities, all without compromising the speed of deployment or the usability of the system.

4. Infor

Infor is a multinational SaaS company. Originally created as an ERP system for finance, it has diversified its services to supply chain planning and management or customer service.

Infor also develops custom solutions for different industries and has an easy-to-use interface. It boosts productivity, speeding up response time and solving problems quickly.

It is one of the best ERP for construction companies. It also guarantees high-performance solutions for all types of industries.

5. Syspro

Syspro is a world-leading enterprise resource planning system, one of the best ERP for wholesale distribution.

Syspro distinguishes itself from other ERP systems by its focus on the manufacturing and distribution sectors, as well as its advanced technology. However, like most ERP systems, it also adapts to the needs of other industries.

6. Microsoft Dynamics GP

Microsoft Dynamics can be used in conjunction with other systems and can be used to turn customer information into a source of sales, improve marketing strategy and customer relationships, customize and optimize customer service, streamline finance-related tasks, and adapt and streamline the company's supply chain.

Microsoft has customization, usability and cost as the main objectives to be achieved with this ERP system by allowing, for example, companies to customize the platform with simple codes.

7. IFS

IFS ERP is one of the best enterprise resource planning software to manage and strengthen enterprise operations.

IFS is designed to drive business efficiency, reduce unnecessary costs and provide information all on a single platform.

This is achieved by automating tasks and reducing the tools required to carry out different processes, minimizing integrations and third-party tools.

8. Acumatica

Acumatica is an ERP system that runs in the cloud and aims to improve business efficiency thanks to a user-friendly interface, workflows between modules, responsiveness, high adaptability through low or no coding and the ability to add or reduce the number of system functionalities as required by your business.

9. Odoo ERP

Odoo is also one of the best ERP systems on the market thanks to its functionalities and world-class user experience.

Odoo is designed to promote compatibility with other software, centralizing different processes on a single platform that is accessible from any device.

This software system is also open source which means that it is highly adaptable to the needs of each business and industry.

10. ERPNext

ERPNext is an ERP system that offers a free version for small businesses and ERPNext for Enterprise for larger companies.

The Enterprise version includes a replicable bug fix guarantee, help during implementation, devOps support (installation, custom configuration on your servers, etc.), ERPNext for Enterprise, etc.

devOps support (installation, custom configuration on your servers, etc.), developer support for customizations and functional support to help you manage your settings, permissions, workflows, notifications and module configurations.

ERPNext for Enterprise also comes with additional database functionality that will help larger companies with considerable data ingest their data volume on a regular basis with ease.

11. Dolibarr

Dolibarr is an open source ERP system that was designed with one principle in mind, and that is simplicity in terms of development, installation and use.

It has a multi-user system that includes its own permissions system (with several levels for each role) and an interface that can be customized through themes.

12. Katana

Another of the best ERP is Katana, which prioritizes usability and functionality, offering a powerful and easy-to-use platform.

This system is constantly evolving and adding new functionalities according to customer demands. In this way, Katana scales with business.

Its end-to-end platform can integrate with popular e-commerce platforms, accounting and reporting tools, and even allows you to create custom workflows with Katana's open API to better define your processes.

Outvio, the best alternative to an ERP.

You may be able to avoid spending a large investment on an ERP system by choosing a platform like Outvio .

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Frequently asked questions about the best ERP
What are the best ERPs for SMEs?

Among the best ERP for SMEs are Sage and SAP, as they have specific modules for medium-sized companies. However, due to their high price, we recommend you first take a look at Outvio's solutions...

What are the best free ERPs?

For many companies the best free ERP are Odoo, ERP Next and Dolibaar.


Now that you've seen what the best ERP systems on the market are, you probably have a better idea of what you're looking for. Because ERP is a complex task, most of these software systems offer a free trial.

If you're still not sure which ERP system is the best or you think it's a bit of an unconscionable investment, you can always seek support on our platform. You will have a 14-day free trial to test all functionalities.