How HelloFresh is Disrupting the Grocery Industry Using Deep Customer Insights.

We’ve just published our most recent customer success story! This story gives a look at how HelloFresh is becoming a more data centric organization to better serve its customers.

HelloFresh is the leading global provider of fresh ingredients and recipes that help families enjoy wholesome home-cooked meals with no planning or shopping. The company packages over 10 million meals a month for more than one and a half million customers worldwide.

The company is disrupting the grocery industry using an innovative delivery model and deep customer insights. In any subscription model business, customer retention is vital as profitability can quickly erode with rapid customer turnover and high customer acquisition costs.
Getting to Know Customers at a Deeper Level

For HelloFresh, data is key to understanding customer preferences, including what recipes, ingredients, and meals each household likes. However, as its subscriber base grew, the business needed a new data warehouse that could support more data and more accurately predict customer behavior.

By turning to the Cloudera Data Warehouse, running on AWS, HelloFresh can now bring in and analyze more than 15 terabytes of data to give its team a 360-degree view of customers. This results in more personalized recommendations and more accurate forecasting. Over 100 business users now have easy access to insights in over 2,500 business intelligence dashboards which are updated daily.

These insights have led to massive results for the organization, including increased margins with improved order volume forecasts and better customer retention.

“Cloudera is at the heart of our data-driven decision making and all internal stakeholders use it to analyze campaign and operations performance at a granular level, and steer the business.”
-Kai von Grambusch, Director, Data & Analytics, HelloFresh

HelloFresh is clearly showing that the better an organization knows its customers, the more effective it can be in keeping them happy.