7 best software to manage enterprise security in 2022

Keeping a company's security intact is crucial for the proper functioning and maintenance of the company. It is essential to have the right software for this purpose. When we talk about business security, we refer to a set of actions, policies and procedures that, together with the resources of a company, allow the protection of its essential information assets. These assets are vital to a business, as the achievement of its business or service objectives depends on them. Quality software will take care of this information effectively and securely.

Companies work with a lot of sensitive information and data that needs to be stored securely, so that no hackers or other cyber criminals can access it. Not to mention private and personal data of the company or even customers and suppliers. If any of this data were to be compromised, it could cause a virtual apocalypse in the company, no matter how big or small.

Unfortunately, it must be said that hackers are becoming more and more prepared, and this has led to the impossibility of tracking their attacks, preventing them or even fighting them. Hence the importance of being aware of the types of software that we can use in our company, beyond the free programs that we can find on the Internet, since the latter are indicated for computers and home networks.

Today we would like to introduce you to some of them, which in their most extensive version include the possibility of verifying identity, so that no one who is not authorized can access the company's sensitive data and information.


1 - Bitdefender for Business

This software is presented as one of the most important in the business sector, as it has proven its effectiveness and overcoming other solutions of the same level and, of course, less advanced. These are some of its most outstanding functions:

It is capable of detecting more than 99% of threats regardless of their origin thanks to its advanced behavioral technology.

It has years of experience in machine learning and artificial intelligence, so it perfectly understands any suspicious movement and is able to detect it.

No matter what kind of threat your computer is subjected to: viruses, Trojans, worms or spyware, Bitdefender can handle them all!

GravityZone installs itself on the system to create a safe and undetectable space for cybercriminals.

Bitdefender is number 1 in the world with more than 500 billion protected machines. What better guarantee than this?

It will never slow down devices, as it works just as effectively when working in the background.

Bitdefender Advanced Threat Control, also known as ATC, was created to continuously monitor all running processes for malicious behavior to stay ahead of them.

ATC is always being improved to keep Internet users ahead of hackers when it comes to threat detection.

It is an intuitive software, easy to use and configure, so no specific training is needed to control it.

It is available to work in the cloud or on the hardware itself.

2- Emsisoft Anti-Malware

It consists of a not very heavy and very effective tool recommended by great professionals. Although it may seem simple at first glance or too easy to use, the truth is that it has stood out above other independent antivirus. These are some of its most outstanding features:

It contains an optimization program for server use, adapting to what the server demands.

Behavior Blocker. It is a new tool integrated in the system that fights with the customized threats and those that are new, although not so well-known.

It has a dual scanner engine to easily recognize viruses and malware.

Alerts you by email when it detects a threat.

It works as long as the computer is running, without the need for you to activate a scan.

It has anti-ransomware, anti-pishing and PUP prevention.

One of the advantages that makes this business security software stand out from others is that it offers you a one-month free trial. Its developers are so sure that you won't be able to live without it once you get to know it that they give you this option.

3- Cyber Ghost

With its original name (what better word to define someone who attacks without warning than a ghost?) has proven to be at the height of this, as well as any other top-level software. Although it is a relatively new tool, as it appeared in 2011, it already has a wide network of more than 15 million users, which is a relevant data to take into account. It is a tool that will help you succeed in your computer risk analysis.

It is able to hide your IP while you browse or work with your computer, encrypt and anonymize any operation you perform and protect the system when you connect to a wifi network. Some of the features we feel we should mention are:

It is a VPN, so it is also suitable for small businesses.

It hides all your online activity, making you imperceptible to hackers. This way, you limit who has access or not to the network you manage.

It has reliable connection speeds.

Its protection is considered military-grade, which is a peace of mind in the face of increasingly frequent cyber attacks, fraud and identity theft.

The developers of this tool have taken care to offer easy installation and an excellent user experience.

It works with almost all operating systems in operation today.

These are some of the most prominent features, although there are many more that you will love to discover as you use it.

4- Avira, the solution for small businesses

If you have a small business, it is likely that you cannot afford one of the most famous antivirus programs, but Avira is a functional and effective solution that has nothing to envy to the biggest ones, and for a much lower cost!

It's not just a question of money, but also of size and space: why have a tool with functions that we won't use due to the size and needs of our company? Avira is the solution and has these features that we thought deserved a mention:

It not only protects data, but also computers, email accounts and servers - there will be no door for hackers to enter through!

No matter what attack they want to get their hands on, Avira is ready to fight it.

Despite its effectiveness, it's lightweight and will take up little space on your device, plus it won't need much power from it to run, so you won't see your systems slowed down.

You get fast updates and it is very easy to manage.

5- Avast Endpoint Protection Suite Plus

This is one of the most well-known antivirus. It comes from a Czech company that is very aware of the needs of small businesses. This program created by Avast is designed to protect servers and computers, as well as essential emails and files. It has everything a small business needs to be protected to the maximum. These are some of the features that professionals value the most:

It will help improve business productivity.

It has a dual engine for spyware and malware.

Its fireware and anti-spam filter are top-notch and really powerful.

It has administration options that make things easier in the company.

It provides the user with a File Reputation System to immediately notify if the document he wants to open is safe or not.

6- Kaspersky Small Office Security for Business

This software has managed to live up to the company it comes from, standing out for its functionality. It has extensive and very efficient management features, which will give you the possibility to enjoy extensive multi-sided protection against very aggressive cyber-attacks. Here are some of the features worth mentioning:

When it finds something suspicious it automatically quarantines it if that is the option you choose, or it will be able to remove it completely.

It is easy to use and has Big Data threat intelligence.

It can monitor all computers on the same network.

It does not slow down computers.

You will have cloud-based monitoring management and also full file encryption.

You can have protection in the cloud.

This software contains a password manager.

7- AVG Business

And as the last of the business antivirus software we tell you about AVG. AVG Business Security has a network antivirus function detects and removes malware from devices on the network.

Its most advanced version, AVG AntiVirus Business Edition has advanced threat protection, privacy protection and its own firewall. As for additional features, there are Online Protection and Email Protection features.


And these are what we consider to be the 7 best software for enterprise security management for your company, big or small. With their help, your most important information assets will be completely secure. Remember that this is vital for the proper functioning of the company. Among the tools we have suggested, you will find the most suitable for your company, taking into account its size, functions and needs.