VMware attracts companies to their own solutions

Safe Passage is designed to help companies consolidate desktop virtualization, application delivery, and mobile device management into Horizon 6 and AirWatch VMware solutions. For popular competing products, VMware offers brushless migration paths and financial incentives.

Users should be able to easily migrate solutions from manufacturers such as MobileIron, BlackBerry, Citrix and others to corresponding offers from VMware. With the newly launched Safe Passage program, VMware not only offers migration tools, but also financial incentives. Safe Passage covers the areas of desktop virtualization, mobile device management and application delivery.

Erik Friedberg, VP of Marketing End User Computing of VMware, concretizes the incentives of the program in a blog . With VMware already installed by many users, organizations could use consolidation to reduce the number of suppliers and thereby harmonize their own IT landscape.

In the area of ​​desktop virtualization and application delivery, VMware apparently wants to attract mainly users of Citrix, Microsoft and NComputing for the Horizon 6 solution. In the field of mobile device management, Good Technology, MobileIron and XenMobile, which would replace VMware with AirWatch. For each of these solutions, a seamless migration path is available, according to the company. Tools such as the Horizon 6 Upgrade Kit, the Citrix XenApp to Horizon 6 Migration Service Offering, or the Citrix XenApp to Horizon 6 Migration Tool also help.

"Users can purchase VMware Horizon 6 along with 3 years of support and subscription services for about the same cost of a Citrix Subscrition Advantage over the same time period," Friedberg said on the blog. In addition, users could get existing MDM solutions against the AirWatch Management Suite at a comparatively attractive price.

With a marketing trick, VMware wants to bring users of competing products to their own solutions Horizon and AirWatch. The advantage for users: uniform management from the virtual desktop to the mobile device. Source: VMware

However, there does not seem to be a fixed pricing scheme from VMware, as there are huge differences between licensing and support costs for different vendors. However, VMware seems to be striving to minimize the financial risk for users. Therefore, the prices are negotiated individually.

For VMware as a provider, the new offer makes perfect sense. Above all, the provider can thus integrate the acquisition of AirWatch in the enterprise offer. Especially since VMware already had virtualization technologies for smartphones in its program. Now, the end-user vendor can offer a complete solution that aggregates mobile, virtualization and app delivery.

VMware, which has already achieved some market saturation in enterprise virtualization solutions, could be the growth in the MDM market and the acquisition of the desktone desktop virtualizer .