SAP supports Cloud Foundry and OpenStack

The two open source initiatives are already available in SAP cloud services and will be even better suited to business processes through SAP's support. In addition, SAP introduces new developer tools.

SAP announces that it will support the Cloud Foundry projectas Platinum Member in the future. SAP had previously been involved as a regular member of the foundation. The WallStorfer Group also wants to support the OpenStack Foundation in the future. SAP also introduces two new cloud-based developer tools at the O'Reilly OSCON Open Source Convention with SAP HANA Anwswers and River Rapid Development Environment.

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According to Björn Goerke, Executive Vice President for Products and Innovation Technoloy, commenting that SAP "wants to improve the conditions for innovation and development in the cloud," the developer and open source community is playing a part in developing cutting-edge technical innovations a supporting role. With the Cloud Foundry and OpenStack initiatives, as well as the new developer tools, SAP is expanding its support for the developer community and creating the foundation for innovation and development in the cloud. "

As a first step as a Platinum member of Cloud Foundry, SAP plans to release a Cloud Foundry Service Broker for SAP HANA. The broker is created together with Pivotal and is also available as source code on GitHub. The project aims to connect Cloud Foundry-based applications to SAP HANA's in-memory capabilities.

With support for the OpenStack community, SAP not only wants to move the open source platform forward, but also to bring its experience in managing cloud infrastructures to businesses into the project. In particular, SAP focuses on OpenStack developments for business scenarios.

In addition to these two initiatives, SAP recently announced a partnership with developer Apache Spark, Databricks. So SAP will publish a Spark distribution based on Apache Spark 1.0, which is integrated into SAP HANA. Last December, SAP announced it would provide the client for the SAP HANA database through GitHub. As a result, developers are now able to connect Node.js applications to SAP HANA. SAP also published important parts of the SAPUI5 framework as open source code under an Apache -2.0 license on GitHub.

Apparently, SAP also tries to make its own HANA technology accessible to a more willing user and also to establish it in open source environments. Another component of this strategy is the publication of the knowledge database HANA Answers. It allows developers to search for information about HANA. In addition, a plugin in HANA Studio provides direct access to the database. Answers should also be a source for documentation, implementation procedures and troubleshooting information.