Salesforce Introduces Sales Reach for Sales and Marketing

Sales employees can start micro campaigns on their own. At the same time, the marketing department can control these and make corrections. This should improve the cooperation between the two. The US cloud provider combines the products Pardot, Communities and Sales Cloud.

Salesforce Announces Salesforce1 Sales Reach . This application is intended to combine marketing automation system Pardot with communities and the Sales Cloud. After the presentation of the cloud provider, sales staff should be able to launch micro campaigns and identify those who are responding to marketing content.

Pardot was founded in 2007. With the completion of the acquisition of ExactTarget, the company eventually joined Salesforce last year. The Pardot technology should improve the cooperation between marketing and sales. "Salespeople have the opportunity to start marketing campaigns themselves, marketing can watch them and make improvements," says senior vice president Mark Woolen.

Today's reality is that sales create their own campaign content, emphasizes the manager. According to him, "the concept of the one-click buyer" is in the focus of Sales Reach. A good example is Amazon's Fire Phone, which allows the customer to go directly from the message to the product's knowledge and then to the purchase.

Features include 1: 1 e-mail marketing micro-campaigns, mobile app real-time notifications, lead tracking overviews with 36-hour record keeping, communities where potential customers can communicate with sales, and an option to It enables interested parties to reach them again with marketing material in just a few clicks.

The product announced today should be generally available in the first half of 2015. wants to call prices only for release. For similar features, customers today would need to book Sales Cloud for $ 65 per month per employee, and Pardot for $ 1000 per month and 10,000 contacts.

Marketing automation in the cloud is a market with tremendous potential, but it is also where some large IT companies are positioning themselves. For example, since buying BlueKai , Oracle has been on an equal footing with Adobe, which has developed its own suite and hasalso acquired a data platform with Demdex . Also IBM wants to play here and has acquired for this purpose in April Silverpop .