Check Point provides protection against advanced threats via AWS

Check Point acquires AWS security expertise for vSEC, demonstrating the successful rollout of consumer security solutions through Amazon Web Services cloud services.

Security specialist Check Point acquires security expertise from Amazon Web Services. With this partner status , Check Point can prove that it can deliver verifiable customer successthrough the vSEC for AWS solution, as well as providing specialized solution areas. As an AWS security- related solution , Check Point vSEC complements existing AWS services and security features, making it easier for customers to deploy security architectures in cloud and on-premise environments.

The Check Point AWS service enables users to protect data and workloads in the cloud from hackers while protecting their own applications in on-premise environments. Check Point vSEC provides protection against malware and zero-day attacks on datacenters and cloud-based workloads.

With AWS security expertise, vSEC users now have access to SandBlast Threat prevention for the protection of hybrid clouds. In addition, the new AWS solution also provides consolidated and consistent security policy management, enforcement, and reporting for all on-premise and cloud workloads, ultimately facilitating the migration of on-premise workloads to the AWS cloud.The new status also provides support for Elastic Load Balancing, Multiple Availability Zones, and AWS CloudWatch. Integrating the security solution into the aforementioned AWS features also reduces the complexity of introducing new security measures. The vSEC automatically adapts to the dynamic growth and workload-based scaling of AWS cloud environments.

A one-click installation using the AWS Marketplace and AWS CloudFormation configuration templates helps protect workloads and data quickly. The Check Point SmartEvents software can be used to map monitoring, logging and reporting via hybrid environments. The logs from SmartEvent can then also be imported into third-party Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) platforms, as shown in the data sheet for the solution. In addition, it is possible to generate security reports specifically for cloud traffic, which additionally simplifies reporting and security audits.

"The concept of AWS security expertise is designed to help customers easily identify and quickly deploy the product solutions that best fit their unique project workloads," commented Tim Jefferson, Global Ecosystem's Head of Security, Amazon Web Services.