To choose a school, read the presentations included in this magazine. Examine the opportunities offered by each school. Compare them with your personal interests and academic goals. When you send an e-mail, please mention that you heard about the school through Boarding Schools in the U.S.A.

Read every book or brochure and watch every video you receive carefully. Be sure to examine the specifics of each school. Is there a dress code? What is the surrounding environment like? Are advanced courses offered?

Visit the Boarding Schools in the U.S.A. website ( or the "SSAT" website ( for more information about the schools and links to their websites. See if the schools you are interested in accept a common enrollment application. If they do, you can submit the application directly through the SSAT website without having to wait for the application forms to arrive in the mail. On our Boarding Schools website, you can contact and apply directly to participating schools with our online Information Request Forms and Apply Now buttons.

On the application forms you will be asked to provide detailed information about yourself and your family. You may be asked to write about your interests and abilities. Most schools will also ask you to write an essay in English. The application form may also ask for verification of your bank statement or other means of paying school fees.

There will be a form to request that your current school send official transcripts with your grades. You will also have to provide written recommendations from one or more of your teachers.

To help you get to know the school you can request a personal visit from a person representing the school. Many boarding schools have graduates who live abroad and are willing to meet with prospective students in their own countries.

They will answer questions and give first-hand information about the life and values of the school.

If possible you should seriously consider a visit to the schools you are interested in. An actual visit to the school is the best way to determine if you will be happy there.

Some of the schools featured in this magazine may ask you to take a test called the Secondary School Admission Test (SSAT) and/or the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL®). Outside the U.S. and Canada, the SSAT is given five times a year (in November, December, January, March, and April) at institutions around the world.

The test costs $US195 and will provide you and the school with objective information about your academic abilities. If you are unable to take the test on one of the given dates, you can arrange to take it on another date at an independent testing center. A list of independent test centers is available through the SSAT website.

To contact SSAT in Princeton, NJ, visit, or call (609) 683-4440 or fax your questions to (609) 683-4507. The SSAT email address is

You will then need to send the following information to the schools in which you are interested:
  • An application form with an essay in English
  • A current transcript
  • Letters of recommendation from two or three teachers
  • An enrollment fee between $25 and $US100
  • SSAT or TOEFL test results (if required)
If you are accepted, the school will send you a letter, an admission contract and an I-20 document, which is necessary to obtain a student visa. Once you have confirmed your attendance at the school by sending a certain amount of money as an entrance deposit, you will receive an enrollment and entrance packet with the necessary information to prepare you for your stay in the USA.