The 3 best budget planning software for 2022

1. what are the best budget planning software 2022?

With budget planning software, you can optimally distribute your available funds among your projects and departments without losing sight of the big picture. In this article, we'll introduce you to three budget planning software for businesses that will help you do just that.

The 3 most popular budget planning softwares

2.1 Agicap

Agicap is a liquidity management software that can also be used for budget planning. The tool automatically retrieves all transactions from your company's business accounts on a daily basis and clearly displays the income as well as expenses on a dashboard.

In addition, Agicap also connects to other accounting and financial management tools so that, for example, transactions made by your employees via credit card are immediately updated in the liquidity planning.

By entering planned figures, you can take budgets into account in liquidity planning. This is important so that you do not plan budgets too optimistically and later create a liquidity bottleneck due to high expenses.

Agicap is therefore particularly suitable for companies that plan their budgets several times a year as part of new types of budgeting concepts (e.g. Better Budgeting), rather than one year in advance as is the case with traditional budgeting. In this way, budget planning can be continuously adjusted and tracked without much effort, giving those responsible even more room for maneuver in their decisions.

2.2 Finway

Finway is a complete financial management suite that offers many functions in the area of expenditure and budget management. In addition to invoice management, Finway also has an interface that can be used to connect bank accounts and payment services. A company thus has a complete overview of all its expenses in real time.

Budgets can be set and viewed at the cost center level. Expenditures that have already been made and those that are still outstanding are clearly displayed, so that those responsible have all their budgets in front of them at all times and unintentional overspending is ruled out.

2.3 Spendesk

Spendesk follows a similar path as Finway. It focuses primarily on expense management. Data and amounts from invoices are automatically transferred and taken into account in budget control. By linking bank accounts and payment services, Spendesk also provides a real-time overview of expenditures.

Budgets can be set individually for teams. Before an expenditure is made, Spendesk checks whether it is within the budget and only releases it after a positive check. For managers, this means less work because they no longer have to approve every expense themselves. And teams get more ownership and can spend faster.

3. What is budget planning software?

Budget planning software helps you keep track of your spending so you don't go over your designated budgets. Tools that automatically connect to bank accounts and payment services offer you the most accurate planning, as they provide a real-time overview of all expenses.

4. What is the benefit of budget planning software?

Budget planning software helps managers plan their budgets in the best possible way and control their spending so that overspending is avoided.

Since software handles many processes automatically, it saves a lot of time in the planning process. Especially when companies do not plan their budgets once a year, but rely on a rolling budgeting concept, such as Better or Beyond Budgeting, a software for planning is very useful.

5. what are the functions of a budget planning software?

In a budget planning software, budgets are set individually and expenses are monitored continuously. The goal is to ensure that expenses are only within budget and to avoid overspending.

Liquidity management software goes even one step further: it can also be used to control revenues and plan them in advance. In this way, budget plans can be drawn up even more precisely and regularly adjusted, depending on what income is expected in the coming months.

6. our tips for choosing a budget planning software.

When choosing a budget planning software, make sure that it automatically connects to all your bank accounts and various payment services. Ideally, all expenses should be able to be displayed in the software in real time, without you having to make any manual entries yourself.

If you plan your budgets on a quarterly basis instead of just once a year, cash flow management software is helpful because it will show you not only your expenses but also your expected income in the coming months so that you can plan your budgets based on expectations.

7. conclusion: these budget planning softwares are worthwhile.

We've introduced you to three budget planning software in this article, all of which will help you track your expenses in real time. If you want to set individual budgets for your teams or cost centers and give your employees the freedom to spend, Spendesk and Finway are great choices.

If you want to map your entire company budget in the context of your cash flow planning, Agicap is a good alternative or supplement (e.g. Sevdesk can be integrated with Agicap for automatic data exchange between both applications).

If you follow a better or beyond budgeting approach in your company, a cash flow management software like Agicap will also help you: Based on your expected revenues in the coming months, you will optimally adjust your budgets to your financial situation.