Cloudera Altus Director on AWS Marketplace makes cloud deployment and billing easy

As more and more customers realize the benefits of elastic cloud compute and storage, many are starting their journey of deploying Cloudera on AWS. These customers often look for cloud infrastructure best practices guidance as they venture into AWS cloud resources for the first time. Some of the questions asked include:

How many AMIs do I need?

Should I use EBS or S3 for storage?

Many of these questions are answered in the Cloudera on AWS reference architecture guide. An easier way would be to use the Cloudera Altus Director listing on AWS Marketplace. The Cloudera Altus Director listing makes Cloudera deployment on AWS easy. It launches through an AWS CloudFormation template to deploy base images of the Cloudera platform – all pre-configured according to best practice guidance and all with a single click.

In addition to ease of deployment, customers have traditionally struggled with two contracts to deal with – one from AWS and one for Cloudera. Cloudera Altus Director on AWS Marketplace makes things easy with consolidated billing and reporting of both. Purchasing through the AWS Marketplace also provides customers options for annual billing of Cloudera licenses through AWS marketplace, accurately estimating your infrastructure costs bundled with Cloudera licenses for predictable budgeting. Plus, for customers with existing Cloudera contracts, a new AWS marketplace private listing option allows customers to take advantage of customer discounts not otherwise available.

Cloudera Altus Director on AWS provides a quick and easy on-ramp for companies that want to combine the flexibility of AWS with the power of the Cloudera platform. It enables the rapid deployment of Cloudera clusters into your AWS environment — only paying for what you use with predictable metering. This solution offers easy, unified, and enterprise-grade lifecycle management of Cloudera CDH clusters in AWS.

As Cloudera partners more closely with AWS to allow our mutual customers to take advantage of the cloud, look for additional integrations to AWS to make cloud deployments easier.