Materna lifts private cloud into the public cloud

Via the IBM Bluemix Private Cloud, the IT service provider Materna now offers private cloud environment in Germany as a public cloud service and supplements the IBM offering with managed services.

Materna enables German companies to access the open cloud environment of IBM Bluemix Private Cloud through Cloud Service Providers (CSP) . This cloud is based on the open source infrastructure software OpenStack and enables companies to operate a private cloud in a public cloud environment. The new offer is aimed primarily at medium-sized companies.

With this new service , it is also time for a new abbreviation: PCaaS, ie private cloud as a service called the Dortmund IT service provider, the new offer. According to the company respond to increasing demand for cloud services.

About the infrastructure IBM Bluemix enables Materna itself to quickly and highly scalable resources. The added value that Materna delivers is complementing the Bluemix services with a managed service. With this, the company offers monitoring and incident management of the infrastructure. In addition, Materna supports and advises on the setup of the application environment and the development of procedures such as backup, access and identity management as well as monitoring. Further details about the offer are not available at the moment.
IBM Bluemix Private Cloud is based on the open infrastructure software OpenStack, which is currently probably the most successful cloud operating system. Almost three-quarters of German cloud-focused companies are using OpenStack in some fashion, according to a crisp research study on OpenStack . According to this, about 6.5 of the German companies currently use OpenStack in a productive environment. Many companies are still in a planning or evaluation phase.
Using OpenStack, the IBM Cloud can also be combined with other cloud offerings and technologies. The solution provides a private cloud infrastructure that provides the simplicity of a public cloud, paving the way for the hybrid cloud.

Especially smaller companies often have problems venturing into the cloud without any experience. Here partners and service providers like Materna want to score extra services. For the use of Bluemix, Materna has signed an agreement that guarantees access to cloud services from the IBM Bluemix Private Cloud.

"Medium-sized companies in particular need secure, agile and flexible IT without having to invest too much in the initial investment," commented Materna CEO Helmut Binder. "Thanks to the IBM Cloud, we are able to offer our customers a dedicated private cloud that meets the high IT security and scalability requirements." The vendor's managed cloud service also integrates and integrates existing IT also consider the IT strategy of the respective company.

For IBM, too, cooperation with partners such as Materna seems to be worthwhile, so IBM could "provide customers with a flexible cloud that can be tailored to a specific application using a hybrid approach."